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Punch press

  • China factory small 16T mechanical punch open tilting punch

    1. Metal or non-metal parts embossing, forming, shallow drawing, shaping, deformation correction and pressure assembly, etc. 2, hand accessories, locks, electric boxes, glasses, motor and large sheet metal bending, punching and other processing technology; 3, electronic products punching, riveting, forming, compo

  • Automatic powder forming machine - 副本

    1. The machine adopts touch man-machine interface, convenient operation and forming parameter setting, closed-loop control can monitor the running state of the equipment in real time, automatically alarm and stop and show the cause of failure, without manual care, high automatic control ability of the press, effectivel

  • Vertical punch semi-enclosed single crankshaft precision power press punch - 副本

    Crankshaft, gear group, connecting rod and other parts, after hard oxidation and grinding process, has very high comprehensive performance and resistance. Adopt highly sensitive and reliable clutch/brake device and international top double electromagnetic reading and overload protection device to ensure the accuracy a