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1. How much pressure can you provide for hydraulic machines?

We can supply machines of different tonnage from 5-5000 tons.

2.Our machine requirements are different from yours. Can we adjust the specifications?

Yes, all the specifications of our hydraulic presses can be customized according to customer's requirements.

3. What can your hydraulic machine do?

We have many different machines to handle different forging (cold and warm forging), deep drawing, stamping, molding, etc.

4. Can your hydraulic press be connected to robots or other automatic lines?

Yes, our machine can connect robot and automatic line, if you have this requirement, please inform us in advance to reserve the port.

5, if we have some special requirements, such as machine sliding table, machine heating, long time to maintain pressure, multi-layer, etc., is it ok?

Yes, all these requirements can be provided, if you have other requirements, please also contact us. Custom made machines are welcome.

6. What type of hydraulic press can you provide?

Four column/frame guide rail /C frame/horizontal structure/servo system/multi direction forging, we can provide these machines.