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Bicycle seat tube multi-directional die forging hydraulic press multi-directional warm forging hydraulic press multi-directional stamping press

With the growing global demand for high-performance bicycle parts, traditional manufacturing processes have been unable to meet the market's demand for high-precision and high-strength products. To this end, Jianlong Hydraulic Technology focuses on technological innovation and has successfully developed this multi-directional die forging hydraulic press. This multi-directional die forging hydraulic press is designed to improve the precision and efficiency of the manufacturing of bicycle seat tubes and other parts, making the production process of bicycle seat tubes and related parts achieve a qualitative leap. Let's take a look at the main product features and scope of application of this multi-directional die forging hydraulic press.

Multi-directional forging press

1. Main product features of bicycle seat tube multi-directional die forging hydraulic press

1.1 This equipment adopts Italian imported servo and Japanese Mitsubishi intelligent system control, with extremely high intelligent operability and strong stability;

1.2 The body is made of solid steel plate after welding and vibration back treatment, and it adopts four-sided graphite copper plate guide rails for guidance, with high pressing precision and stable operation;

1.3 Good rigidity, strong resistance to lateral force, the cylinder adopts integral forging process, Japanese NOK seals, wear resistance and high sealing;

1.4 This equipment has high control accuracy, adjustable speed, displacement repetition accuracy ±0.01mm, pressure accuracy ±0.5%, side cylinder synchronization accuracy ±0.02mm, and equipment operation verticality ±0.02mm.

 Multi-directional forging machine

2. Main application scope of bicycle seat tube multi-directional die forging hydraulic press

Multi-directional die forging hydraulic press has a wide range of application processes, including multi-directional extrusion, upsetting, closed die forging and various special-shaped workpiece forging and forming. It can realize multiple functions such as fast forging, normal forging, and pressure maintenance, and meet the requirements of forging processes such as upsetting, drawing, punching, horse bar hole expansion, and displacement. It is mainly suitable for the forging production of various aluminum alloy, copper, iron, and steel special forgings, shafts, discs, and special-shaped parts, such as bicycle seat tubes, stems, handlebars, bearing inner rings, flanges, half shafts, joints, crossheads, hubs, I-shaped wheels, etc.

 Application scope of multi-directional forging machine



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