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1000 tons of multi-cylinder extrusion forming punching machine cold forging four column automatic hydraulic press price manufacturers

1000 tons of multi-cylinder extrusion forming punching machine, hydraulic press in addition to the main cylinder, the left and right side are also equipped with auxiliary cylinders, three cylinders at the same time extrusion molding process, generally used for special-shaped pipe fittings, bicycle parts, auto parts and other industries.


Jianlong multi-cylinder extrusion stamping machine, also known as multi-direction extrusion hydraulic press in the industry, used for metal products 3D extrusion process, the hydraulic press uses imported servo motor, quiet and energy saving, with automatic access port


Technical characteristics

1. Adopt imported servo motor, hydraulic control system, intelligent, smooth operation and more energy saving;

2. The pressure, stroke and pressure holding can be adjusted according to the requirements of the pressing process, and the empty stroke of the workbench is fast and the production efficiency is high.

3. The four columns are made of high-strength material, the surface is plated with hard chromium, and the wear resistance is good.

4. Movable plate and workbench are equipped with optional return cylinder, which is suitable for cold extrusion product return requirements.

5. High precision design, the main cylinder adopts the whole forging and precision grinding, and the use of high reliability under high pressure.


Scope of application

Suitable for drawing, bending, forming, blanking, flanging and other stamping processes, especially for the following fields:

1. Auto parts: body cover pressing, brake sheet forming, fuel tank stretching, chassis pressing, axle housing bending, bumper;

2. Household appliances: washing machine parts, rice cooker parts, TV parts, refrigerator parts, etc.

3. Kitchen utensils: sink, kettle, stainless steel utensils, other containers

4. Forging process of bicycle, sports equipment, medical equipment, aluminum products and other tubular and shaped parts