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300 tons bicycle put vertical forging forming hydraulic press

1. Adopt servo motor imported from Italy, hydraulic control system from Japan, intelligent, stable operation and energy saving;

2. Pressure, stroke, pressure preservation can be adjusted according to the pressing process requirements, the table empty stroke speed is fast, high production efficiency.

3. The four columns are made of high strength material with hard chrome plating and good wear resistance.

4. Movable plate and table are equipped with optional return cylinder, which is suitable for cold extrusion product return requirements.

5. High precision design, the main cylinder adopts integral forging and precision grinding, high reliability under high pressure.



Product specifications
Master cyinderCapacityton300500650800
Down speedmm/s160180165165
Press speedmm/s8-128-158-168-16
 Return speedmm/s130150160160
 Ejector cylinder Capacityton30405050
Dia.Of ejector barmmΦ50Φ50Φ80Φ80
Working table sizeL-R(Cylinder)mm70080010001000
Open heightmm7008009001000
Motor powerkw22373759
                                      Note: the above parameters are for reference only, order according to the contract.

Technical features:

1. The equipment is controlled by servo system imported from Italy and Mitsubishi intelligent system, with high intelligent operation and strong stability.

2, the body of the solid steel plate after welding tempering treatment, using all directions of graphite copper guide guide, high compression precision, stable operation,

3, good rigidity, strong lateral force resistance, the cylinder adopts the whole forging process, Japan NOK seals, wear resistance and high sealing

Scope of application:

1.LED lamp radiator, auto parts and other products cold extrusion molding, imprint

2. Motorcycle parts, mobile phone shell, LED radiator, watchband, watch case, hardware tools, etc

3, gold jewelry, glasses, compound mold, nameplate and automotive interior products molding

4, metal or non-metal cold extrusion forming, stamping, shallow drawing, blanking and other uses




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