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What are the system functions and characteristics of the gantry hydraulic press?

The gantry hydraulic press adopts the mechanism form of the main machine and the hydraulic system, which is compact in structure, small and exquisite. Adopt steel plate welding to remove stress, load electron displacement to measure pressure, with load pressure numerical display, peak holding function, and equipped with a micro printer. This machine is used with cement compressive test, building mortar compressive test, can be used for metal materials pressing and bending test.

The hydraulic oil in the oil tank of the hydraulic press drives the high pressure pump into the oil circuit through the motor, flows through the return oil valve, and enters the oil cylinder. The pressure gauge of the hydraulic system collects and analyzes data through the sensor, displays the constant pressure value, and the detection personnel controls the flow through the oil delivery valve to achieve the speed of the hydraulic system.

What are the characteristics of the hydraulic system?

1. Manually adjust the return oil valve, simple and flexible operation;

2. With maximum load peak maintenance function;

3. Dynamic display of loading rate;

4. Random test with test date, number, failure load, compressive strength, etc.;

When the pressure of the gantry hydraulic press is greater than 3% of the maximum set value, overload protection, oil pump and motor stop working.

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