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How to solve the failure of hydraulic press?

Speed regulation is an important part of the hydraulic system of small hydraulic press, the speed of the actuator is not normal, the machinery can not work.

1, small hydraulic press actuator hydraulic cylinder, hydraulic motor) no small feed the main reasons:

2, the throttle of the throttle valve of the small hydraulic press is blocked, resulting in no small flow or small flow instability.

3. The spring of the fixed-difference pressure reducing valve is too soft, so that the pressure difference before and after the throttle valve is too low, resulting in unstable small flow through the speed regulating valve.

4. The pressure reducing valve in the speed control valve is stuck, causing the pressure difference before and after the throttle valve to change with the external load. It is often seen that the load is small when the small feed, resulting in the minimum feed increase.

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