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Why is the pressure of the four-column hydraulic press system unbalanced

The motor plays a very important role in the hydraulic press system. So why does the electric machine of the hydraulic press have a heating fault? What are the causes of fever? The following Xiaobian will tell you what are the causes of the heating failure of the hydraulic press motor.

1.First, the motor overload analysis, use the clamp meter to measure the normal electrical flow of the motor, if the electrical flow of the load operation of the motor appears large and small, it may be the hydraulic pressure is increased; If the current is relatively large when it is just started, and the current of the hydraulic system is too high when it does not start running, it means that the motor has a problem.

2.Second, check whether the bearing of the motor of the hydraulic system is stuck and the rotor is swept, because when there is such a failure, under normal circumstances, the operating technician can hear the sound.

3.Third, the voltage fluctuation of the external power grid becomes larger, and it is immediately clear when the multimeter is used to detect it. Perhaps the hydraulic pump resistance is large and the motor does not match the pump and the motor insulation drops and is installed after disassembly for moderate reasons.

4.Four, the oil press motor heating trip this situation mainly has the following points: 1, the oil press relief valve pressure regulation is too high, over load after the dull pump. 2, the relief valve spool stuck valve core center oil hole blockage or relief valve damping hole blockage caused by overpressure does not overflow. 3, the pump outlet check valve is installed back or the valve core is stuck and the pump is stuffy. 4. Motor failure.

5.Fifth, the solution of hydraulic press motor heating trip:

1. Adjust the pressure value of the relief valve

2, repair valve stuffy.

3. Check the check valve.

4, repair or replace the motor.




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