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20-ton hydraulic trimming press has been successfully shipped

The 20-ton hydraulic trimming press of Jianlong Machinery Products has been successfully shipped and delivered to customers. The 20-ton hydraulic trimming press shipped this time is a high-performance equipment customized by the company according to the special needs of customers. The hydraulic press is designed for the trimming process and has strong cutting force and high-precision control. Let's take a look at the characteristics and application scope of this trimming machine:


1. 20-ton hydraulic trimming press features

1.1 Strong cutting force: The maximum cutting force of the equipment is 20 tons, which can easily cope with the trimming needs of plates of various thicknesses and materials.

1.2 High-precision control: Equipped with advanced hydraulic systems and precision controllers to ensure dimensional accuracy and surface quality during trimming.

1.3 Automated operation: The intelligent control system realizes automatic trimming and waste cleaning, reduces manual intervention, and improves production efficiency.


2. 20 ton trimming hydraulic press application scope

Applicable to trimming of various metal plates, plastic plates and other materials, mainly as follows:

2.1  Applicable to the burr punching and shaping of various aluminum alloy and magnesium alloy die castings;

2.2  Applicable to the die casting industry of mobile phone products, automobile and motorcycle accessories, and is the most widely used;

2.3 Shaping and punching of metal or non-metal.




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