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The difference between servo hydraulic press and ordinary hydraulic press

The power consumption of servo hydraulic press motor is more than 70% energy-saving than that of ordinary hydraulic system or proportional system. This data is the conservative value in our actual test. The reason is that the electric motor is always in operation after the ordinary hydraulic system or proportional system is started, no matter whether the machine is working or not. The electric energy is wasted. The servo hydraulic system stops running when the motor does not move up and down after the machine is started. Even if the load is reduced during use, the current also decreases.


Low failure rate of servo hydraulic press:

Because the servo hydraulic system for intermittent operation state, prolongs the service life of the hydraulic power pump; Intermittent operation keeps the hydraulic oil at room temperature, prolonging the service life of the seals: the stability of oil temperature reduces the change of hydraulic oil separation, and the failure of valve blocking is basically completely solved.

High precision and precision of servo press:

The pressure error of the hydraulic press is ±3%, and the position accuracy is about 0.3mm. Servo hydraulic press can control the pressure error within ±1%, position accuracy within 0.05mm;

Alarm function: The user can set the relative pressure of the relative position of the pressing workpiece according to the product process. If it exceeds the set range, the machine can automatically alarm and stop.



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