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Introduction of matters needing attention when using oil cylinder for hydraulic press

Before we use hydraulic oil cylinder, we should make a series of preparations, the first is to make the hydraulic circuit pressure relief. Otherwise, when connecting with the cylinder, the tubing joint will be loosened. The high pressure oil in the loop will eject. Therefore, the hydraulic circuit should be relieved first. Then the following Xiaobian to connect the use of oil pressure cylinder nee


1, in order to prohibit the piston rod and other slender parts bending or deformation, the application of cushion wood support balance when placed. When disassembling, check the screw thread of the piston rod, the thread of the oil port, the surface of the piston rod and the inner wall of the cylinder liner.

2, disassembly should be carried out in sequence.

3. Try not to let the parts of the hydraulic cylinder be polluted by the dust and impurities around before and after unloading.

4. After the cylinder is removed, carefully check to see which parts can continue to be used, which parts can be repaired and used again, and which parts should be replaced.

5. All parts must be carefully cleaned before assembly.

6. The corresponding wrench should be used when tightening the threaded joint, and the torsional torque should meet the standard requirements.

7, piston and piston rod assembly, must try to measure the coaxiality and straightness on the full length of the difference.

8. After assembly, there should be no blocking sensation and uneven resistance when the piston component moves.

9. When the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic press is installed on the main engine, the sealing ring must be added between the inlet and outlet joints and fastened well.



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