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All employees of Jianlong Hydraulic Technology carry out workshop safety training

Accidents and injuries may occur when the "objects" such as equipment, machinery, raw materials and working environment come into contact with the "people". The dangerous factors of objects are called unsafe conditions, and the dangerous factors of people are called unsafe behaviors; when objects are in unsafe conditions and people are in unsafe behaviors, safety accidents and injuries may occur. Jianlong Hydraulic Technology has always attached great importance to workshop safety production and employee physical and mental health. Therefore, Jianlong Hydraulic Technology Factory will regularly carry out employee workshop safety production, fire safety and other training to prevent accidents, ensure employee safety and health and the normal daily operation of the factory, produce more high-quality hydraulic machinery, and fulfill our commitment to customers with high quality and efficiency. Below, take a look at the relevant training activities we have participated in and carried out recently!

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1. Send special personnel to participate in the fire safety month training organized by the government.

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2. Carry out quality and safety training and other work within the factory.

China's best hydraulic press safety production training



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