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Four-column single-action hydraulic press, stretching press, shaping hydraulic press

The four-column single-action hydraulic press produced by Jianlong Hydraulic Technology has a simple structure, is economical and practical; the frame structure has good rigidity, high precision and strong anti-eccentric load capacity. It is a high-quality product with strong practicality and is widely welcomed by customers.


1. Main features of four-column single-action hydraulic press, stretching press, and shaping hydraulic press

1.1 High efficiency: the mother-and-child cylinder is used to turn fast and slow, the idle degree is fast, and the production efficiency is high;

1.2 Intelligence: imported hydraulic control system, pressure, stroke and pressurization time can be adjusted according to the requirements of the pressing process;

1.3 Long life: using Italian imported servo motors and high-frequency hardened steel materials, the machine runs stably and has a long service life;

1.4 Safety: the machine can be equipped with protective covers, anti-fall devices, LED work lights and infrared rays to improve the safety production index.


2. Main application scope of four-column single-acting hydraulic press, stretching press, and shaping oil press

2.1 Pressing processes such as electrical chassis, computer mainframe chassis, air conditioning chassis, refrigerators, and decorative sheet metal stamping and molding;

2.2 Pressing processes such as stamping, molding, shallow stretching, and shaping of metal or non-metal.




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