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Bicycle stem and seat tube forming forging machine hydraulic press hot forging machine

Bicycles are commonly used as a means of transportation for people to travel short distances. Bicycles are labor-saving, flexible and convenient when riding, and have both environmental protection and sports effects. Therefore, they are deeply welcomed and loved by people and are widely used. Bicycle stems are mainly used to be installed on the handlebars of bicycles to facilitate the fixing of lighting devices such as headlights or flashlights. Bicycle stems are usually processed by CNC processing or forging. CNC is the process of removing materials by milling using a CNC milling machine or a machining center. The mechanical properties of parts directly processed by CNC are not good, and complex heat treatment and surface treatment processes are required to achieve ideal mechanical properties. In addition, parts processed by ordinary CNC can only guarantee the accuracy of the parts, but cannot guarantee good surface quality. Polishing process is usually required; forging is a process of casting materials into a designed shape using high temperature and high pressure. It is a processing method that uses external force to plastically deform metal blanks through tools or molds to obtain blanks and parts with certain shapes, sizes and intrinsic quality. The forging process can produce materials with higher density and make the product more resistant to metal fatigue. Let's take a look at the characteristics and application range of this forging hydraulic press for bicycle stem tube forming developed by Jianlong Hydraulic Technology based on the latest production technology and industry needs.


1. Product features of bicycle stem and seat tube forming forging hydraulic press hot forging machine 

1.1 This equipment adopts Italian imported servo and Japanese Mitsubishi intelligent system control, pressure sensor and electrical use German brand, intelligent operation is extremely high, stability is strong and noise is low;

1.2 The equipment adopts IoT touch screen control, with remote after-sales debugging worldwide, quickly solves after-sales time problems, and facilitates customers to monitor the operation status of the equipment in real time throughout the day;

1.3 The fuselage is made of solid steel plate after processing and tempering treatment, the overall fuselage structure has strong tensile resistance, adopts four-column structure, extended guide sleeve guide, strong wear resistance, high equipment pressing precision, stable operation,

1.4 Large control space, the oil cylinder adopts integral forging process, Japanese NOK seal, wear resistance and high sealing.


2. Bicycle stem and seat tube forming forging machine hydraulic press hot forging machine applicable scope

Applicable to various bicycle stem forging, as well as various special-shaped metal products extrusion forging process products.




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