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Hydraulic press body structure

A variety of forming processes can be implemented on the hydraulic press, so the body structure of the hydraulic press is also diverse. According to the frame form, there are vertical and horizontal types; according to the frame composition method, there are beam-column combination, single-arm type and frame type; according to the number of working cylinders, there are single cylinder, three cylinders and multiple cylinders. The following mainly introduces several typical structural forms.


1. Beam-column combination

This is the most typical hydraulic press body structure. Among them, the most common is the three-beam four-column type. The upper and lower beams and four columns form a closed frame, and they are rigidly connected. The beam has a cast structure and a welded structure. Large hydraulic presses and special hydraulic presses (with larger working tables) also use a multi-column structure.


2. Single-arm type

The single-arm type has an integral cast steel structure and a steel plate welding structure. It is characterized by a simple structure, a large working surface, and can operate the workpiece from all directions. It is easy to operate and is suitable for bending, curling, stamping of thick plates and forging of small workpieces.


3. Frame type

The frame type is fastened by an upper beam, a lower beam and two columns with tension bolts. The crossbeam is usually made by casting or welding. The integral frame is made by casting or welding the upper crossbeam, the lower crossbeam and the two side columns into a whole. Its cross section is usually a hollow box structure with good bending resistance. The column part is made into a rectangular cross section to facilitate the installation of the guide rail.




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