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1000 tons elevator counterweight block hydraulic press servo hydraulic press factory iron powder block molding equipment

Weight block hydraulic press adopts three beams and four columns structure, three beams and four columns iron powder hydraulic press can be used for iron powder elevator weight block cold pressing, hot pressing, in other powder pressing, also has rich manufacturing experience, just replace the mold, you can press different tonnage models of workpiece finished products. 1000 tons elevator weight block hydraulic press (powder press) adopts PLC automatic control, high scientific and technological content, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, thereby improving the output and quality of products.


1. Technical characteristics of hydraulic counterweight block press

1) Excellent quality: The use of high strength high-quality round steel, the surface of high frequency hardening, after grinding electroplating, good wear resistance.

2) High efficiency: the movable board down speed is fast, high production efficiency.

3) Multi-function: 1000 tons elevator counterweight block hydraulic press Servo hydraulic press can be equipped with multiple molds according to demand, the workbench is equipped with a top cylinder, and the availability is strong.

4) Intelligent: with imported hydraulic control system, pressure, stroke and pressure time can be adjusted according to the requirements of the pressing process.

5) Security: The machine is equipped with protective cover, LED work lights and red external lines, etc., multiple protection is safer.


2. Scope of application of counterweight hydraulic press

1) Electrical appliances, lighting, fitness equipment, flower pot weight block molding and pressing process.

2) Metal non-metallic material molding, counterweight block molding, stamping and other pressing processes.




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