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350-ton servo intelligent cold extrusion molding hydraulic press

With the development of technology, cold extrusion and forging technology are widely used in electromechanical manufacturing such as automobiles, tractors, bearings, telecommunications equipment, instruments, etc., as well as in light industries such as bicycles and sewing machines. The servo intelligent cold extrusion molding hydraulic press produced by Jianlong Machinery effectively uses these technologies and adopts servo system, PLC programming circuit design and touch screen operating system to achieve energy saving, environmental protection and automatic digital collection and storage functions. The slider guide also adopts an elongated structure, with high guide precision and good press rigidity. The press lock nut has an anti-loosening structure and good accuracy retention. It is a high-quality machine that is cost-effective and practical.


1. Technical features of servo intelligent cold extrusion molding hydraulic press

1) Using servo motors imported from Italy and Japanese hydraulic control system, they are intelligent, stable and energy-saving;

2) The pressure, stroke, pressure holding, etc. can be adjusted according to the requirements of the pressing process. The worktable has a fast empty stroke speed and high production efficiency.

3) The four columns of the cold extrusion hydraulic press are made of high-strength materials, with hard chromium plating on the surface and good wear resistance.

4) The movable plate and workbench are equipped with optional withdrawal cylinders, which are suitable for the withdrawal requirements of cold extrusion products.

5) High-precision design, the main cylinder is integrally forged and precision ground, which ensures high reliability under high pressure conditions.


2. Application scope of servo intelligent cold extrusion hydraulic press

1) Cold extrusion molding and embossing of LED lamp radiators, auto parts and other products;

2) Motorcycle parts, mobile phone casings, LED radiators, watch straps, watch cases, hardware tools, etc.;

3) Press molding of gold jewelry, glasses, replica molds, nameplates and automotive interior parts products;

4) Metal or non-metal cold extrusion molding, imprinting, shallow drawing, blanking and other purposes.




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