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What causes the pressure system of single-arm hydraulic press to be too low?

When the single-arm hydraulic press is running, the operator should check the oil supply of the hydraulic system in advance, and the oil pressure should be stable within a certain range. If the oil supply pressure is too high, the oil pump will wear, the oil distributor will wear; The oil is not normal, the task can not be completed normally, and the equipment may be damaged.

In the inspection process, when the engine throttle is fully open, the inlet pressure of the hydraulic torque converter is still lower than the standard value, the main reasons are as follows:

1, the amount of oil is small, the oil level is lower than the oil suction port plane;

2. Pipeline leakage or blockage;

3, oil inlet pipe or oil filter:

4. Improper installation of oil suction mesh, oil bubble;

5, the inlet and outlet pressure valve can not be closed or the spring stiffness decreases; Whatever you are looking for: 800t hydraulic press price

6, transmission oil flow is too much;

7. Hydraulic pump wear or damage;

When the single-arm hydraulic press is found, if the oil supply pressure is too low, the oil level should be checked first; If the oil level is below the minimum standard, it should be refueled; If the oil level is normal, check the inlet and outlet pipes for leaks. Oil should be removed. If inlet and outlet pipes are well sealed, check the operating conditions of inlet and outlet pressure valves. If the inlet pressure valve and outlet pressure valve do not close, remove them and check the upper part. Regardless of whether there are cracks or scars, whether the oil hole and the oil hole are open, and whether the spring stiffness is small, the problem should be solved in time to avoid affecting the work efficiency. If the pressure valve is normal, the single-arm hydraulic press should remove the pipe or filter for inspection. If a blockage occurs, the sediment should be cleaned and removed.

If the line is open, check the hydraulic pump and replace the pump if necessary. If hydraulic oil bubbles, check pipe installation. If the oil level of the return line is lower than the oil level of the tank, install the return line.

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