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The principle of hydraulic press and the method of identifying schematic diagram?

To measure the quality of hydraulic press parts, in addition to the processing accuracy, the appearance quality is also a key evaluation policy. The processing surface quality is the outer surface of the hydraulic press parts after processing, which will have a great impact on the equipment. We can often see that because the operation function of its parts gradually deteriorates, it can not continue to be used, and sometimes it will be suddenly damaged. So, what impact does the surface quality of the hydraulic press processing have on the function of the equipment?

Jianlong machinery teaches you the method of professional identification of hydraulic principle diagram of hydraulic press:

2. The caliber, wall thickness and skill conditions of the hard pipe of the hydraulic press and the diameter and skill conditions of the hose assembly;

4. The displacement, maximum output torque, speed and rotation direction of each hydraulic motor required by the expected operation of the hydraulic press;

6. Power, speed and type of prime mover of each pump.

8. Type of filter screen, filter and replacement filter element of hydraulic press;

10. Recommended hydraulic fluid type and Mongolia degree;

12. A clear indication of any subcircuit contained in the oil circuit block, for which a boundary line or border line may be selected, and the boundary line shall contain only symbols of the elements installed on or in the oil circuit block;

14. Charging pressure and nominal volume of the accumulator;

16. Identification of the oil ports of all components or circuit blocks (common to those marked on the components or circuit blocks). The expected flow rate and maximum and minimum pressure of the cooling medium, as well as the maximum temperature of the cooling medium source;

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