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What are the measures to prevent the oil temperature from being too high in the hydraulic press?

1. The use of appropriate viscosity of hydraulic oil, using the viscosity recommended by the equipment manufacturer has proved to be the best, the use of high viscosity of wild, especially in the surrounding temperature is relatively low area, will cause the increase of flow friction and overheating.

2. If there is a hose in the system, it should be securely clamped and positioned. When changing a hose too close to a hot place can cause the hose to overheat, causing the oil passing through it to overheat, so avoid using a hose of insufficient length size, and make sure that the hose installed does not suddenly bend, which will also increase the friction of the oil flow, resulting in an increase in the temperature of the oil

3. When the pump, hydraulic cylinder and other hydraulic components wear, they should be replaced in time. Because the worn components will cause an increase in leakage, the pump will be full flow output for too long, and the oil through the narrow leak gap will cause a large pressure drop, the increase in the full flow output time, but also increase the fluid friction generation time, therefore, the temperature of the oil will increase.

4. Keep the outside and inside of the hydraulic system clean, the pollutants outside the system play a role in isolating and obstructing the normal oil cooling, and the pollutants inside the system will cause wear and lead to oil leakage. In both cases, heat is generated

5. Check the oil tank level frequently, too low oil level will cause the system does not have enough oil to take away heat.

6. Replace the filter element regularly to avoid filter clogging

7. The high back pressure of the oil return is also one of the reasons for the high back pressure, and the reasons for the increase in back pressure should be checked and excluded

8. Check the cooler regularly and descaling the cooler regularly.

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