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There are several requirements for cylinder assembly

The cylinder is one of the most important parts of hydraulic equipment, and strict requirements are required when assembling the cylinder, the specific requirements are as follows:

1. Polish and polish the edges of each hole, the burrs inside and outside the process holes, and achieve smooth without sharp angles to avoid scratching the seals during assembly.

2, clean each groove, hole, inner wall and other positions of the cylinder, to achieve no impurities, rust, dust and other states.

3, select the suitable seal, and blow clean the seal, apply lubricating oil on the surface of the piston inside the seal groove, and then vertically load the corresponding accessories.

4, when loading accessories, ensure that no objects fall into the inside of the cylinder.

5, set into the seal, confirm the direction of the seal, do not install reverse.

6, when loading the cylinder accessories, do not force knock, into the assembly has tightness, you can use a special copper rod or aluminum rod for slight knock to make the accessories enter smoothly.

7, after the assembly of the cylinder is completed, the hole location is closed and packed to avoid objects falling into the inside of the cylinder.




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