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Common problems of hydraulic pump

(1) The connection shaft between the hydraulic pump and the motor is not rotated

① The spool cannot move normally; ② The motor does not rotate; ③ There is no connection key on the hydraulic pump shaft or motor shaft; ④ The sliding pair inside the hydraulic pump is stuck. Elimination method: ① repair the spool; ② Check the electrical wiring and troubleshoot; ③ Repair the connection key; ④ Disassemble the hydraulic pump for repair, reassemble and make the matching gap meet the requirements.

(2) The connection shaft between the hydraulic pump and the motor rotates normally

The shaft inside the hydraulic pump is broken. Elimination method: Replace the new shaft.

(3) Reverse rotation of hydraulic pump

The electric circuit of the motor is reversed. Elimination method: Correct electrical wiring.

(4 Hydraulic pump does not output hydraulic oil (hydraulic pump does not absorb oil)

① the viscosity of hydraulic oil is too high; ② Insufficient hydraulic oil tank; ③ The filtration accuracy of the oil suction filter is too high or the oil area is too small; ④ Do not open the suction pipe valve in the closed state; ⑤ The filter is blocked; ⑥ Variable mechanism of hydraulic pump works abnormally.




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