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What are the voltage requirements of the four-column hydraulic press?

Four-column hydraulic press is a kind of hydraulic press commonly used in our daily life. It plays an important role in powder forming, stainless steel tableware forming, melamine tableware forming, automotive interior molding and so on. What are the requirements for voltage when using four-column hydraulic press?

1, proximity switch: Proximity switch is used to control the stroke of the four-column hydraulic press, but also plays a maintenance role. The proximity switch rarely has problems under our normal use.

2, relay: there are many small relays in the electrical cabinet of the four-column hydraulic press, and the action relay of the four-column hydraulic press must be operated

(1) Pressure oil leakage. The pressure relay is mainly composed of a valve body, a plunger, a microswitch and a tension spring. Under the action of oil pressure, the axial movement of the plunger triggers the micro-switch, thus switching the electrical signal. A clearance seal is selected between the plunger and the valve body. If the manufacturing quality cannot be guaranteed, too much leakage will inevitably lead to a drop in system pressure, forming a pneumatic pump to compensate for overfrequency, affecting its life. Judgment method: When the system is under pressure, check whether the oil return port is too much, and replace the pressure relay if necessary.

(2) The microswitch cannot be reset and cannot be interlocked with electrical appliances. Due to long-term use, the reset spring of the micro switch gradually loses its elasticity and cannot be reset. The solution is to replace tired and failing stretched reeds with copper plates of the same thickness (or thicker than the original reed).

3. Electromagnetic coil of electromagnetic cartridge valve: The electromagnetic coil of electromagnetic cartridge valve is used for the action of four-column hydraulic press. The damage or failure of the electromagnetic coil is generally caused by voltage instability. There will be many problems in the use of hydraulic cartridge valves. For example, if the taper valve of the valve has a problem, the cone seal is not strict, resulting in valve sleeve deformation, valve spool wear, loading and unloading difficulties, the control cover spindle valve seal is not strict, can not ensure that the main valve spool is closed when it is not working, resulting in the internal control of the system and the position of the actuator is unstable.

4, the button is not sensitive: the insensitive button will not be displayed on the new equipment, because the four-column hydraulic press will be debugged before leaving the factory. If the buttons are not sensitive, they will usually appear on older devices.

5, the pressure holding time does not work: the pressure holding time of the four-column hydraulic press can be adjusted. If the holding time of the four-column hydraulic press does not reach the time we set or the holding pressure does not come down, it is necessary to see whether the time relay of the electric box is still working. There are many reasons for not maintaining stress. First check the check valve to see if the check valve leaks; The seal ring in the master cylinder is leaking; If there is an overflow valve, it may be leaking.




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