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Hydraulic press use method

1. Manual mode

Turn the manual automatic selection switch to the manual position, press the press button to switch the cylinder down, and stop the down after letting go. If the cylinder needs to inch down, press the press button to inch down, the cylinder will inch down. Similarly, press the point to rise, the cylinder to rise and inch to rise. The manual function is used for the user to assemble the fixture and the correction and adjustment of the touch tool.

2, automatic mode:

Turn the manual automatic selection switch to the automatic position, and then start the double button in front of the machine (or step on the foot switch) cylinder down, the cylinder down is controlled by the downward pressure timer, the longer the current pressure timing time is adjusted, the longer the downward pressure stroke

When the time set by the timer is up, the cylinder will rise. The rise of the cylinder is controlled by the hand rise timer, the longer the rise timer time is adjusted, the higher the rise stroke (subject to the maximum limit of the cylinder), when the rise time is up, the cylinder stops rising. The end of an action process (the length of the pressing time and the length of the rising time can be adjusted according to the needs of the user's processing products). When the cylinder is going down, in case of emergency, you can press the sharp rise button switch, and the cylinder will rise immediately to protect it.

Double action four column hydraulic press




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