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Hydraulic press hydraulic press use precautions

The application of hydraulic press is very wide, hydraulic press is also known as hydraulic press. For example, the stamping of metal or non-metal parts, forming, shallow stretching, laminating, trimming and cutting, etc., the common products that can be pressed are cases, watchbands, glasses frames, tableware, signs, hardware parts and other products. Then, in the process of using the hydraulic press, the problems and precautions encountered by the operator should be dealt with.

First of all, when the hydraulic press produces vibration in the process of use, how should it be operated and treated? When we check the hydraulic press, if the pressure is normally maintained, then we will see that its hydraulic tube has expansion, which is elastic deformation. It is difficult to release all in a short period of time, its cylinder pressure will rise, we can let the hydraulic press to use the check valve to maintain pressure on the return, which plays a great role in the hydraulic press.

When the hydraulic press produces vibration, it will have some potential problems, in response to these problems, described as follows:

(1) Changes in the properties or dimensions of the material or workpiece being processed.

(2) Failure of parts or auxiliary devices of the machine.

(3) External interference (such as shock, vibration, electromagnetic interference).

(4) The operator's behavior of losing control of the hydraulic press (especially handheld or mobile machines).

Precautions for the use of hydraulic press:

(1) Calibrate the pressure gauge every six months.

(2) Do not overload or exceed the maximum eccentricity.

(3) Regularly check whether the hydraulic oil of the equipment is reduced.

(4) The working oil should be replaced once a year, and the first replacement time should not exceed three months.

(5) If the machine is out of use for a long time, the surface of each part should be scrubbed clean and coated with anti-rust oil.

(6) When using, observe whether oil leakage or other anomalies, such as unreliable, loud noise, vibration, etc., to stop and analyze the reason.

(7) When operating, observe the pressure change, if the specified pressure does not jump, turn off the power switch in time, so as not to cause equipment failure due to high pressure, and perform maintenance at the same time.

(8) Pay attention to safety, the operator should be trained to work.

(9) At the end of every day, place the slider in the lowest position.

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