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Structure and working principle of 200 tons four-column double-action tensile hydraulic press

Four-column double-action tensile hydraulic press is mainly used for all kinds of metal sheet parts tensile forming, flanging, bending and other processes, for all kinds of high-strength alloy sheet metal stretching is also suitable. This series of hydraulic press has two sliders of drawing and pressing, and the work table is equipped with hydraulic pad or ejector cylinder, which can be used for drawing process. Drawing and holding sliders are guided by 45 degrees for high accuracy and easy adjustment. The inner and outer sliders of the series hydraulic press can also be fixed together to become a slider, which can be used as a single action hydraulic press. The following describes the working principle of the four-column double-action tensile hydraulic press.


The oil pump is the power source of the hydraulic system of the four-column double-action tension hydraulic press, which relies on the action of the oil pump to make the hydraulic oil enter the cylinder and piston through the pipeline, and make the hydraulic oil not leak through the seal. Finally, through the check valve, the hydraulic oil circulates in the tank, the cylinder and the piston circulate, and the conversion between the energy is realized to complete the cycle of various actions.

The main structural feature of the double action tensile hydraulic press is that there are two active beams inside and outside, the tensile dynamic beam is installed inside, and the pressing dynamic beam is installed outside. In the double-action drawing, the tensile moving beam and the holder moving beam can fall quickly together, and change to a slow decline when approaching the workpiece. When the holder moving beam presses around the workpiece, the holder moving beam does not fall and becomes a pressure holding state. At this time, the tensile moving beam continues to stretch down. After the drawing process is completed, the drawing moving beam can realize the holding time, pressure relief and fast return, and the pressing moving beam will correspondingly relieve pressure and fast return, and then the hydraulic pad and the jack rod will push the workpiece out of the drawing hydraulic press to set the hydraulic pad.



Four-column double-action tensile hydraulic press is to meet the metal industry for the pressure processing equipment fast and high-speed multi-specification needs, through Dongguan Jianlong hydraulic machine design team, in the ordinary four-column hydraulic press on the basis of the development of successful new products. The product has reasonable design and advanced structure. The servo system is used, the machine fast lifting in short distance and the main cylinder self-priming liquid filling structure, the hydraulic system is miniaturized, and the large-flow pump and large-diameter hydraulic parts are eliminated. The guide post and main piston rod are plated with hard chrome, which improves the stability and safety of the machine tool, and enables fully automated operation, helping customers to improve production efficiency and save labor costs, thereby increasing corporate profits.




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