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500 tons four-column jigsaw cutting hydraulic press


Four-column jigsaw jigsaw cutting hydraulic press through the way of upper pressure under the cylinder, the paper and wood jigsaw jigsaw puzzle punching, stamping processing, processing into children's favorite jigsaw toy. The equipment can be used to produce a variety of puzzles by adjusting or replacing the mold, the impact pressure can be set and adjusted according to the actual requirements, and the safety grating is equipped to improve the safety index of workers.


Dongguan Jianlong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a jigsaw hydraulic press, jigsaw mold, jigsaw packaging fully automated equipment component manufacturing supplier, and can customize the jigsaw manufacturing production line, serving the global OEM, manufacturers! Welcome to cooperate!


Jigsaw die-cutting hydraulic press adopts servo system industrial computer control, adopts closed-loop control, various actions can be arbitrarily set according to user requirements. Suitable for a variety of production lines in parallel, with a variety of manipulators and automatic feeding, truly realize CNC automatic. The power system is servo control, which truly completes the functions of energy saving and emission reduction, automation and intelligent. High repeated positioning accuracy, within 0.02mm, high parallel accuracy of the slider, uniform force.


Scope of application

1, jigsaw toy industry special equipment, suitable for paper, wood, white card, blue card and other jigsaw toy punching process.

2, paper products and wood products jigsaw cutting;

3. Plastic product shaping and fitting.




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