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Hydraulic machinery maintenance daily operation specification

First, do daily maintenance and maintenance do daily maintenance

Three daily tests are required:

① That is, check whether the tight connection of each part of the rig is reliable before work.

② In the work, we should comprehensively observe whether there is oil leakage, water leakage, gas leakage, electric leakage, etc.

③ After the shutdown, it is necessary to do a comprehensive check whether there is a screw loose need to be tight, add oil, water and other work.

In short, daily maintenance should be done: cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, tight.

2. Timely maintenance and good maintenance

For the failure of hydraulic machinery, the cause of the failure should first be identified. Common faults include external leakage and internal leakage of hydraulic cylinder. External leakage is obvious, internal leakage should be judged by experience. Cylinder expansion is weak, the speed of cylinder closing action. After working for half an hour, feel the surface temperature of the cylinder by hand, and the temperature of the inner drain cylinder body increases significantly, which needs to be solved by replacing the internal oil seal.

The pressure drop of hydraulic pump and drive motor can not reach the maximum load, and the work is weak. In addition to the engine power drop, this work failure is generally caused by the hydraulic work pump pressure reduction, the pressure safety valve is out of control, and the surface wear of the oil pan in the drive motor. It should be determined according to the specific circumstances.

The most common is the high pressure oil pipe burst, replacement can not be greedy cheap, do not use fake oil pipe. The high pressure hydraulic pipes produced by the national regular manufacturers are all with steel wire layers and have regular production numbers.

Precautions for maintenance operations

Before hydraulic machinery maintenance, the captain should do a good job of preparation before maintenance. It is best to do external cleaning, use the air pump to blow the external surface of the machine clean, remove the external mud debris. Choose a good site to facilitate the maintenance work. Various hydraulic machinery manufacturers are different, product models and specifications are not the same. To carefully identify the model number, categorize, do not mess. The repair of the hydraulic cylinder seems simple, but it is actually the most laborious and time-consuming, and the fuselage needs to be stabilized first when disassembling. Do a good job of safety protection. Before disassembling the pipeline, relieve pressure, drain oil, unload bolt decomposition. Some cylinders have not been repaired for a long time, and the rod and cylinder are particularly difficult, and they have to be mechanically pulled with wire rope. Special tools must be used when disassembling the cylinder piston, and it is strictly prohibited to smash it with a hammer to prevent damage to the piston surface and the oil seal ring groove. For some O-rings that are not broken, it is best not to damage them, to prevent them from being used again when there is no new part. When there is no new part, you can wrap the raw material belt to continue to use. After the cylinder is decomposed, it should be cleaned and blown clean, and then replaced and repaired.

The internal parts of the oil pump motor require very high precision, and it is difficult for the average person to repair, and the new assembly will be replaced in principle after damage. It is not possible to buy, you can find some experienced technicians to open the inspection, see whether the oil pan surface is strained, if only wear and tear, you can remove the oil pan or valve, find a polishing processing capacity of the machinery factory to repair, grinding can continue to use. If the internal parts are obviously damaged, they are declared scrapped and must be replaced with new ones.

In winter, the assembly of hydraulic parts needs to be heated with hot water to make the oil seal soft and press into it by hand. Do not use metal items such as screwdrivers on hard tops to prevent damage to the oil seal surface. After the surface of the oil seal and sealing ring is assembled, the surface should be coated with butter to facilitate smooth assembly. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves when installing internal hydraulic parts, so that it is clean and sanitary to prevent dust and gravel from entering the interior.

Usually maintenance is the most important, air filter often blown indispensable. Liquid filter filter time change, cold and warm can be done. Put an end to oil spills and water and electricity, life is bound to be extended.

Lower four-column hydraulic press

Lower four-column hydraulic press



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