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7 characteristics of hydraulic press

7 characteristics of hydraulic press

The application field of hydraulic press is very wide. Such as in forging, stamping, extrusion and other processes used; Used in the machinery industry for plastic products, diamond forming, packaging,

Pressing brick, wood-based panel hot pressing, etc. Hydraulic kernel can help hydraulic system designers to do hydraulic system design calculation, selection and design; Can also help hydraulic technicians technical

Upgrade. Next, the hydraulic kernel takes you to understand the 7 characteristics of the hydraulic press.

1. The actuator of the hydraulic system of the hydraulic press has strong adaptability due to its simple structure, such as easy to achieve large working pressure, long working stroke and large working space

It is suitable for pressing large, long or high workpieces. In addition, its layout is flexible, according to the needs of the process can be multi-directional layout and multi-location scattered layout.

2. The hydraulic press can produce the rated maximum pressure in any position formed; It is also possible to maintain pressure at the point of transition for a long time, which is required for many processes.

3. The hydraulic press can produce rated pressure at any position formed; The downturn point can also be quickly controlled and changed according to process requirements.

4. The speed of the moving beam of the hydraulic press can be adjusted within the corresponding range and to a considerable extent to adapt to the different requirements of the speed of the slider during the process.

5. Through the combination of different valves, different procedures in the process can be realized, timely adaptation to program changes, easy to achieve program control and computer automatic control.

6. The hydraulic press can be used in a simple way to adjust and limit pressure in a working cycle, not easy to overload, good safety performance, can help protect the mold.

Four-column trimming hydraulic press

Four-column trimming hydraulic press



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