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How to reduce the mechanical noise of four-column hydraulic press

Jianlong Tips:

(1) The oil temperature rises to reduce the viscosity of the oil, so the amount of oil leakage in the component and system will increase, which will reduce the volume power of the hydraulic pump.

(2) The oil temperature rises to reduce the viscosity of the oil, so that the flow of the oil through the small hole or gap valve increases, which changes the speed of the originally regulated operation, affects the stability of the operation, and reduces the accuracy of the operation.

(3) After the oil temperature rises and the viscosity decreases, the lubricating oil film between the relative moving surfaces will become thinner, which will add mechanical wear, and defects are prone to occur when the oil is not too clean.

(4) The rise of oil temperature will cause thermal deformation of mechanical components, and the expansion of hydraulic valve components after heating may reduce the coordination gap, so it affects the movement of the spool, adds wear, and even gets stuck.

(5) The rise of oil temperature will accelerate the oxidation of oil, resulting in oil disintegration and reduce the service life of oil. Sediment such as asphalt separated from the oil will also block the holes and gaps of the components, affecting the normal operation of the system.

(6) The oil temperature is too high will make the sealing equipment active aging disintegration, lose the sealing function.

Kezhong suggested that the hydraulic press should be maintained in time.

Drawing four-column hydraulic press



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