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At present, hydraulic press is mainly used in the following fields

At present, hydraulic press is mainly used in the following fields:

① Sheet metal stamping and deep drawing forming process, mainly used in the automobile, home appliance industry metal covering forming processing;

② Pressure forming of metal mechanical parts, mainly including die forming, metal profile forming, hot and cold die forging, free forging and other processing technology;

③ Powder products industry, such as magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, etc.;

④ The pressing of non-metallic materials, such as c forming, hot pressing of automotive interior parts, rubber products, etc.;

⑤ Hot pressing of wood products, such as hot pressing of plant fiber sheets and profiles;

Other applications: such as pressure assembly, calibration, plastic sealing, imprinting and other process automotive pipes, plate internal high pressure forming and plate filling forming!

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