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How does the hydraulic press work?

1, PASCAL's law acting on the pressure of the closed fluid can be changed by the fluid to each part of the container. The basic principle of the hydraulic press is that the oil pump transfers the hydraulic oil to the integrated cartridge valve block, and the hydraulic oil is distributed to the upper or lower chamber of the cylinder through the various check valves and relief valves, and the cylinder moves under the action of high pressure oil.


2, hydraulic press is made of PASCAL's law of the use of liquid pressure transmission machinery. The hydraulic cylinder and the surrounding environment should be clean, and the oil tank should be sealed to prevent pollution. Pipelines and fuel tanks should be cleaned to prevent falling off the oxide sheet and other debris. Clean with lint-free cloth or special paper. Twine and adhesives cannot be used as sealing materials.


3, hydraulic press with water-based liquid as the working medium is called hydraulic press, oil as the working medium is called hydraulic press. Single arm hydraulic press frame for the whole cast steel structure or steel plate welding structure, simple structure, work can be approached from three directions, simple and convenient operation. In order to ensure that the frame has sufficient strength and stiffness, sometimes the frame is relatively bulky, but the accuracy in the machine stamping and correction work is guaranteed.




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