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Powder forming hydraulic press - Pressing complex shaped products

The powder molding hydraulic press limits granular and powdered raw materials into a variety of general and special-shaped pieces, which is suitable for large products with high product density requirements. At the same time can be used in large-scale production industry, equipment accuracy is high, mold replacement equipment is easy to learn. High initiative, all actions are controlled by microcomputer PLC, active one after another. Time, pressure and product thickness can be adjusted appropriately.


Servo powder forming machine is a special equipment specially designed and manufactured for pressing powder products. Widely used in powder metallurgy, carbide, magnetic materials, fine ceramics, electric carbon and other powder product industry pressing, especially suitable for pressing complex shape of multi-step products.


Composition and use of powder forming hydraulic press:

Powder forming hydraulic press is a new type of hydraulic special equipment, mainly used in powder metallurgy and mechanical parts production. The hydraulic press has independent hydraulic and electrical systems with floating pressing, which can effectively control the molding density of the product. Two release modes can be selected: protected release and general release. The PLC programmable controller is used for electrical control, and the advanced plug-in integrated valve is used for the hydraulic system to ensure the continuity and frequent stability of the hydraulic press. Equipped with oil cooling device. Adopt button centralized control, equipped with mechanical limit device to ensure product consistency.

Characteristics of powder forming hydraulic press:

Regardless of the height of the part, the demoulding position is in the same position according to the constant principle of the floating die pressing system and the demoulding position.

The concave die control system is used to realize the positioning movement of the concave die, and the design of the stop stop of the plane concave die is reliable, ensuring the precision control of the size of the forming part, making the density uniform and the product strong and reliable.

The upper slide block moves in the servo screw drive system, and the press has excellent powder pressing characteristics.

The special mold replacement and mold mounting system is used to replace mold more convenient.

The press structure is simple and direct, which makes the press run reliably and reduces the machine failure when pressing complex parts.



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