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Structure and principle of tensile hydraulic press

First, the main components of the tensile hydraulic press

Tensile hydraulic press is mainly composed of the following components:

1. Pressure rack

The pressure frame is an important part of the hydraulic press, generally composed of two columns and upper and lower pistons, used to support and fix the various parts of the machine, while playing the role of bearing pressure.


2. Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system including pressure cylinder, hydraulic pump, seals, etc., mainly play the role of providing power, producing pressure and transmitting pressure, is the power source of hydraulic press.

3. Stretch the rack

The drawing frame is usually composed of a workbench, a sliding seat and a clamp fixture, etc., which is mainly used to clamp the workpiece during the drawing process and lock the position of the workpiece so that it will not slide or rotate due to the force.

4. Operating system

The operating system includes control panel, display screen, various switch buttons, etc., which is mainly used to control the start, stop, adjust and monitor the change of pressure, displacement and other parameters of the hydraulic press.


Second, the principle of stretching

The principle of tensile hydraulic press is very simple, that is, by applying enough force to produce plastic deformation of the workpiece, thereby changing the shape or size of the workpiece.

In the working process of the tensile hydraulic press, the workpiece is clamped on the clamp clamp, and then the hydraulic system begins to work, driving the upper and lower pistons to move forward and back continuously, transferring the pressure to the tensile frame, and making the workpiece plastic deformation through the force action of the tensile frame. When enough pressure is applied to the workpiece, the workpiece will extend in the direction of tension, and at the same time, transverse compression, and finally reach the shape and size required by the design.

It should be noted that the drawing hydraulic press needs to choose different drawing methods and parameters according to the different shapes and materials of the workpiece in the process of use to ensure the drawing effect and quality of the workpiece.

In short, the tensile hydraulic press is a commonly used metal forming machine tool, with simple structure, easy operation, diverse functions and other advantages, is widely used in various industrial fields, such as automobiles, aviation, shipbuilding, machinery and so on.




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