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How to use the hot pressing machine?

Suitable for 1, a variety of plastic molding and stamping,  a variety of composite sheets and new materials forming punching process;

2, suitable for furniture factory, wood-based panel secondary processing technology;

3, all kinds of decorative materials: PVC, veneer, sticker decorative cloth leveling, shaping process.


1. Preparation

Choose the right mold. The mold directly determines the shape and size of the product, and the mold should be selected according to the product design drawing. The inner surface of the mold should be smooth and flat, which is conducive to the release of the mold after forming.

Install the mold. The selected mold is installed and fixed on the simulated bed of the hot press, and the position should be aligned and fixed firmly. Check whether the water cooling pipe is connected and the electric heating wire is normal.

Set parameters. According to the characteristics of the plastic material used, set the heating temperature, pressure, pressure loading rate, cooling time and other parameters.


Two, start forming

Put in the ingredients. The granular or granular plastic raw materials are placed into the mold cavity, and the amount should be appropriate, neither too much nor too little.

Close the mold. Close the upper mold and the lower mold for locking.

Heat to soften. The mold cavity is heated with electricity, and the plastic raw material is heated and softened until it is fully plasticized. At this time, the temperature should be controlled and stabilized.

Apply pressure. When the plastic softens, the pressure device is quickly loaded, and the pressure is applied to the plastic in the mold cavity, and the pressure is uniform, so that the plastic fills each corner.

Cooling and curing. The pressure is maintained while water cooling or wind cooling allows the plastic to solidify and form. The time should not be too short.

Open the mold. After curing, cut off the pressure, open the mold, and take out the molded product.


Third, post-processing

Clean the mold and remove the residue in the mold cavity to ensure the surface quality of the mold cavity for the next use. Check the components to ensure that the device functions properly. The molded product should also be depulped, polished and other post-processing to remove burrs and improve the appearance quality.

The key to the use of hot press molding is to control temperature, pressure, time and other parameters. Reasonable setting of process parameters, careful operation, you can produce high-quality products. Choosing a strong hot press manufacturer can not only obtain cost-effective equipment, but also obtain professional technical guidance and after-sales service to help improve production efficiency, which is a very wise choice.




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