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Servo CNC intelligent C-shaped hydraulic press

In August 2023, Jianlong Hydraulic Technology completed the overall production of 60 tons of servo CNC intelligent C-shape hydraulic press according to the needs of customers, and shipped to South American customers in early September, so that more overseas customers can enjoy the intelligent hydraulic equipment produced by China Jianlong Hydraulic Technology, helping customers to improve production efficiency and reduce operating costs.


  • 1. Technical characteristics of the machine

1) Imported servo motor, hydraulic control system, built-in fast cylinder, fast empty stroke speed, high production efficiency;

2) Synchronous operation with both hands, convenient stroke adjustment;

3) The overall barrier-free operation space, long stroke, large opening space, convenient product processing;

4) Infrared protection, safer operation;

5) The pressure, stroke, etc. can be adjusted according to the requirements of the pressing process.


  • 2. the scope of application of the machine

1) Stamping, forming, shallow drawing, shaping, deformation correction and pressure assembly of metal or non-metal parts;

2) Hand accessories, locks, electric boxes, glasses, motor and large sheet metal bending, punching forming and other processing technology;

3) Electronic products punching, riveting, forming, composite materials and release materials punching, stamping, punching and stamping processes.




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