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1000 tons servo cold extrusion forming machine

With the development of technology, forging and cold extrusion are widely used in the electromechanical manufacturing of automobiles, tractors, bearings, telecommunications equipment, meters, and light industries such as bicycles and sewing machines. The machine effectively uses these technologies, and adopts servo system, PLC programming circuit design and touch screen operating system to realize energy saving and environmental protection and digital automatic collection and storage. The slider guide also adopts a lengthening structure, high guiding accuracy, good rigidity of the press, and the lock nut of the press has an anti-loose structure and good accuracy retention. It is a cost-effective and practical quality machine.


1. Technical features: 

1) Servo motor imported from Italy, Japanese hydraulic control system, intelligent, stable operation and more energy saving;

2) The pressure, stroke, pressure, etc. can be adjusted according to the requirements of the pressing process, the empty stroke of the workbench is fast, and the production efficiency is high.

3) The four columns are made of high-strength material, the surface is plated with hard chromium, and the wear resistance is good.

4) Movable plate and workbench are provided with optional return cylinder, which is suitable for cold extrusion product return requirements.

5) High-precision design, the main cylinder adopts the whole forging and precision grinding, and the use of high reliability under high pressure.


2. Scope of application: 

1) LED light radiator, auto parts and other products cold extrusion molding, imprint;

2) Motorcycle parts, mobile phone shell, LED radiator, watch band, watch case, hardware tools, etc.;

3) Gold jewelry, glasses, duplicate mold, nameplate and automotive interior parts pressing molding;

4) Metal or non-metal cold extrusion forming, stamping, shallow drawing, blanking and other purposes.




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