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Jianlong four-column trimming hydraulic press series

Four-column trimming hydraulic press, hydraulic transmission, generating power, according to the regulations to complete stamping, trimming and other work. Suitable for zinc, aluminum die casting body cutting edge, gate cutting edge can also be used for less pressure products pressing bending edge, stamping and drawing, its features beautiful appearance, safe and reliable. Fully functional.


Dongguan Jianlong hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. water edge cutting hydraulic press, the common pressure is 10-60 tons, the machine is equipped with blanking port, safety cover, servo system is more energy saving and environmental protection, hope to cooperate with more customers in the casting industry


1, four-column fast cutting hydraulic press fast down, improve efficiency;

2, slow cutting edge to avoid cracks in the cut product;

3. Pneumatic device is used to clean the flash to avoid the residual flash on the mold affecting the subsequent cutting quality;

4. Install protective guardrail to avoid flying out and ensure safety;

5, the four-column rapid trimming hydraulic press can easily place the product, take out the product and remove the cutting edge, which can prevent the active beam plate from affecting the safety due to the slide.


Four-column rapid trimming hydraulic press is widely used in all kinds of aluminum, magnesium alloy die casting products raw edge punching and shaping, plastic products cutting; It is also suitable for the forming of plastic materials such as sheet blanking, stretching, etc. The machine is widely used in the die casting industry, and is designed for the die casting industry.




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