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500 tons guideway servo hydraulic press delivered

On July 15, 2023, the 500 tons guideway servo hydraulic press manufactured by Dongguan Jianlong Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. officially came off the line and went to the customer's factory for service.


Dongguan Jianlong hydraulic Machinery Co., LTD. Guide rail servo hydraulic press is mainly suitable for large products stretch forming, such as automotive covering parts, interior parts, TV shell, sink and other products stamping forming process, and can provide supporting services such as robots, so that customers can reduce labor costs and improve production efficiency.


Technical characteristics

1, energy saving and emission reduction: hydraulic and electronic control using intelligent servo energy saving system, power saving 50%-70%.

2, safety and precision: each machine is installed with infrared safety grating, effectively protect the operator, imported servo intelligent hydraulic control system, to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy of the machine up to ±0.03mm, pressure error ±1%.

3, long service life: Italian servo motor, stable operation, oil temperature is not easy to rise, and no negative pressure in the oil system greatly reduces the failure rate, extend the service life of the machine, electrical fault automatic alarm and one-button reset function.

4, stable and durable: the frame adopts the whole machine frame structure, the slider adopts precision guide rail to guide the operation, shock resistance and side pressure resistance, the whole machine is stable, precision and durable, suitable for a variety of process uses such as feeding, molding, extrusion.


Scope of application

1. The stretching and forming of auto parts such as auto covering parts, interior parts, household appliance parts, TV shell, kitchen utensils water tank, etc.

2. Especially suitable for special-shaped product drawing, forming and other processes.

3. Metal or non-metal stamping, drawing, bending, flanging, forming and other stamping processes.




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