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Four column cold extruder process introduction


Metal extrusion is a forming process in which we press metal (hot or cold) into a mold. As the extruded metal passes through the cavity, this gives the mold its shape. The material that comes out of the mold is called "extrude." Extrusion molding technology is to put the metal billet in the extrusion die cavity, under certain temperature conditions, through the metal extrusion hydraulic press (cold/hot) fixed punch to apply pressure to the billet, so that the metal billet plastic deformation to achieve parts processing and forming method.


Dongguan Jianlong hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. can customize 100-5000 tons of four-column cold extrusion press, cold extrusion hydraulic press is widely used in automotive sheet metal forming, bicycle parts, aviation, shipbuilding and other industries, and can provide non-standard cold extrusion forming hydraulic press and automatic production line equipment manufacturing, welcome to cooperate with our customers.


1, metal cold extrusion hydraulic press adopts hydraulic transmission, highly professional overall valve block, large flow diameter, so that the system pressure loss is less, good sealing performance

2, the use of cartridge valve, electro-hydraulic proportional valve and unique oil circuit design make the hydraulic system perfect, even in the case of long-term large load work, the system will not be powerless phenomenon

3, the system design pre-discharge device, to a large extent to eliminate the hydraulic shock

4, advanced fast device to ensure the production needs of users

5, the electrical part adopts imported PLC automatic control system, strong anti-interference ability, low failure rate

6, metal cold extrusion hydraulic press body adopts the whole steel structure, high strength, good stability, do not need to install anchor screws.

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1.LED radiator, auto parts and other products cold extrusion molding, imprint

2. Motorcycle parts, mobile phone shell, LED radiator, watch band, watch case, hardware tools, etc

3, gold jewelry, glasses, duplicate mold, nameplate and automotive interior products pressing molding

4, metal or non-metal cold extrusion forming, stamping, shallow drawing, blanking and other purposes




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