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Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of automatic servo die cutting machine and suggestions for selection


Automatic servo die cutting machine (hereinafter referred to as servo die cutting machine), as the name suggests is can automatically feed paper, automatic plate change, automatic waste collection (waste edge), automatic finished products (finished products with packaging) machinery, it is a fully automated die cutting equipment.


1, the advantages of servo die cutting machine:

1) High degree of automation: easy to operate, automation covers the whole process, reducing the risk of manual operation.

2) Labor saving: no auxiliary work by operators; Reduce manual error; Improve production efficiency and product quality. For example: 1-50 sets/hour production line only 2 people can complete the entire production process;

3) Cost saving: The machine uses high-quality raw materials and related accessories, with high precision, saving energy and reducing production costs.

2, servo die cutting machine disadvantages:

1) The product material requirements are higher, in addition, because it is high-speed operation, it must ensure that there is no debris inside the machine so as not to affect the normal operation of the machine!

2) Due to the use of high-speed operation, the motor power requirements are larger, (generally need 2.2KW-2.5KW or more), so the price is more expensive!

3, how to choose the right servo die cutting machine?

1) The actual production needs of the enterprise: First of all, you should consider your actual production needs (such as product categories, molds and quality requirements, etc.) to decide to buy a servo die-cutting machine suitable for your enterprise.

2) Secondly, consider the future development planning of the enterprise to measure the purchase of a cost-effective CNC cutting machine that meets the requirements of future development.

3) Finally, consider the local economic level and the financial situation of the enterprise to buy the appropriate model of servo die-cutting machine.