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What are the selection requirements of hydraulic cylinder materials of hydraulic press

Hydraulic cylinder of hydraulic press is an important component in the hydraulic press system. Now the selection and pressure resistance of this material are required. So what are the requirements of the hydraulic cylinder material of the hydraulic press? The following Xiaobian to introduce the selection of hydraulic cylinder material requirements of hydraulic press


1. In general, there must be enough strength and impact toughness, and good welding ability for the welded cylinder. According to the hydraulic cylinder parameters, uses and blank sources can choose the following various materials: 25 steel, 35 steel, 45 steel, etc.

2. The blank of cylinder is generally made of faded cold-drawn or hot-rolled seamless steel pipe. At present, there are already seamless steel pipes with inner holes honed or finished in the domestic market, which only need to be cut according to the required length. The materials are 20 steel, 35 steel and 45 steel.

3, for the working temperature of the hydraulic cylinder cylinder below -50℃, must use 35 steel, 45 steel, and modulation processing.

4, the cylinder welded with the cylinder head, the use of 35 steel, after machining in conditioning; For cylinder not welded with other parts, skip 45 steel is used.

5. Compared with the blank of the back wall, cast iron or forgings are still used, or the steel plate is rolled into a cylinder, and the fire is faded after welding. The weld needs to be inspected with X-ray or magnetic flaw detection.

The pressure resistance of the cylinder is also very important. It must have enough strength to withstand the short-term dynamic test pressure of the highest working press for a long time without permanent deformation. It also requires sufficient stiffness to withstand lateral piston forces and mounting reaction forces without bending. Also pay attention to the following two aspects of matters:

1. The inner surface of the cylinder and the piston rod seal and the guide ring under the action of friction can work for a long time and wear less. The dimensional tolerance grade and the form tolerance grade are enough to ensure the sealing of the piston seal.

2. The cylinder to be welded should also have good weldability, so as not to have cracks or excessive deformation after welding the flange or pipe joint.



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