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What are the characteristics of mechanical presses and hydraulic presses

Mechanical press, with a large impact force, more suitable for blanking, cutting and other separation processes.

Hydraulic press, the loading is relatively stable, suitable for bending, drawing, shaping and other forming processes.

The above is the view of most people, but the Japanese research results show that the deformation of stamping parts is basically unrelated to the stamping speed, and only when the punching machine reaches more than 2000 times per minute.

From the perspective of efficiency, the mechanical pressure machine is higher.

From the reliability consideration, the mechanical press is more leather, and the hydraulic press is generally prone to oil leakage and other hydraulic problems.

In summary, in addition to shaping, correcting bending and other processes, it is best to use a mechanical press, which is convenient to improve work efficiency.

The press (including punching press and hydraulic press) is a versatile press with exquisite structure. With a wide range of uses, high production efficiency, the press can be widely used in cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and forming processes. By applying strong pressure to the metal billet, the metal is plastic deformed and fractured to process into parts.

Hydraulic press is a kind of liquid as the working medium, according to the principle of PASCAL made for the transfer of energy to achieve various processes of the machine. Hydraulic press is generally composed of three parts: the machine (main engine), power system and hydraulic control system.

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