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Hydraulic press use safety precautions

First, the hydraulic system inspection

Before operating the hydraulic press, first check whether the hydraulic system is normal. The inspection includes the following aspects:

1. Check whether all hydraulic pipe joints, valves, cylinders and other components are firm and well sealed;

2. Check whether the oil level and oil quality of hydraulic oil meet the requirements, and add or replace it if necessary;

3, check whether the hydraulic pump, motor and supporting components are normal, and debug them.

2. Safety precautions for operators

When using the hydraulic press, the operator must pay attention to their own safety precautions to avoid accidents. Specifically, the following points should be achieved:

1, the operator must be trained to master the use of hydraulic press and safe operating procedures;

2, the operator must use the required labor protection products, such as safety shoes, gloves, earplugs, etc.;

3, the operator is prohibited to wear loose clothes, do not wear watches, jewelry and other items easily wrapped into the machine;

4. The operator must stand on the operating platform of the machine and follow the prescribed operating procedures;

5, the operator must maintain attention, avoid distraction or fatigue operation;

6, the operator must stay away from the rotating parts and moving parts.

Three, the maintenance of hydraulic press

In order to ensure the normal service life and performance of the hydraulic press, in addition to the hydraulic system inspection before use, the maintenance of the hydraulic press is also particularly important. Specific measures include the following:

1, periodic inspection and maintenance of various parts of the hydraulic press, timely detection and troubleshooting;

2. Replace hydraulic oil and components regularly to keep the hydraulic system clean and stable;

3. Record and track the parameters and performance of the hydraulic press to understand the maintenance situation in time.

Four, the operating environment of the hydraulic press

The operating environment of the hydraulic press also directly affects its service life and performance. When using a hydraulic press, the following must be done:

1, the hydraulic press must be placed on a stable, solid ground, and there are no flammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive items around;

2, the hydraulic press must be kept ventilated, dry, clean and bright around, so that the operator can check and maintain.

In short, the hydraulic press is a high-pressure, high-energy large machine, which must pay attention to safety and maintenance when used. The above are the safety matters that need to be paid attention to when using the hydraulic press, and I hope to provide some help for the majority of hydraulic press users.

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