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The structure of servo hydraulic press system is introduced

Servo hydraulic press system mainly includes main oil pump, hydraulic oil tank, filter, pressure reducing valve, relief valve, lifting cylinder, elastic cylinder, lifting clamp cylinder, leg cylinder, hydraulic motor and various hydraulic operation valves and other components. The pressure of the relief valve, pressure reducing valve and various pressure valves has been adjusted before the equipment leaves the factory to ensure the safe operation of the equipment system, and the user should not easily change it when using.

The servo hydraulic press system includes the main engine system and the steering system, and the two systems share a hydraulic oil tank.

1. Host system

The main engine system provides hydraulic power for the drilling locomotive during equipment adjustment and drilling repair. It is equipped with various valves to control and operate the hydraulic machinery correctly and safely.

2. Steering system

The steering system supplies hydraulic power to the hydraulic power steering of the front axle of the vehicle, and is equipped with various valves to control the pressure, flow direction and stable and high flow rate of the servo hydraulic press system, ensuring that the vehicle steering is light and sensitive, safe and reliable.

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