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How to reduce the noise of hydraulic equipment?

Cause analysis of noise

1. Noise generated by power and execution components

The power and execution components of the hydraulic equipment are the main parts that produce noise, the power components mainly refer to the hydraulic pump and its driving motor or engine, and the execution components mainly refer to the hydraulic cylinder or hydraulic motor. Due to the development of hydraulic equipment towards the direction of high speed, high pressure and large displacement, the noise generated by hydraulic equipment is getting bigger and bigger, so how to optimize the power combination of hydraulic equipment and reduce noise is the focus of hydraulic equipment design.

2. Noise generated by control components

The noise generated by the control devices of hydraulic equipment mainly refers to the noise generated by various control valves, because the flow rate and pressure of hydraulic equipment are getting higher and higher, the spring in its various valve bodies is subject to frequent pressure changes, which may produce resonance, resulting in noise. For example, a throttle or relief valve or even a check valve may produce a resonant sound under high pressure operation, which is loud and has a larger impact.

3. Noise generated by transmission accessories

The noise of transmission accessories mainly refers to the noise effect of various pipelines under the intermittent flow or impact of liquid, which is usually caused by resonance, and the destructive power of resonance is relatively large, which can lead to equipment failure.


Method of reducing noise of hydraulic equipment

Hydraulic equipment noise to analyze the source of noise, according to different problems to take appropriate measures to solve:

1, reduce the noise generated by the drive motor

The measures to reduce the noise of the drive motor are as follows:

1, the use of low noise drive motor, coupling choose flexible connection with flexible materials to reduce the noise of the drive motor.

2, motor shaft and pump shaft as far as possible to ensure coaxial, can also effectively reduce noise.

(3) For high-power drive motors, the motor noise can be reduced by installing shock bars or shock pads.

(4) For high-power hydraulic system to ensure the smooth and reliable installation, high-power drive motor installation should be fixed with foot screws or directly welded together the equipment and embedded metal parts to reduce vibration and improve the stability of equipment operation.

2, reduce hydraulic pump noise

There are mainly the following measures to reduce the noise generated by hydraulic pumps:

1, to ensure sufficient suction height, reduce the content of gas in the oil pump, practice has proved that the higher the purity of the oil pump, the smaller the noise of the hydraulic pump, is also conducive to extending the service life of the oil pump.

2, in order to avoid the occurrence of resonance, the hydraulic pump support frame is designed as an elastic support, the elastic support itself can absorb part of the movement, in addition to the resonance has a good preventive effect.

(3) According to different working environments, choose the appropriate cost-effective hydraulic pumps, such as plunger pumps, gear pumps, vane pumps, etc., on the one hand, you can improve the economy of the equipment, on the other hand, the noise control within the range of standard requirements.

3. Anti-vibration of hydraulic oil circuit

The anti-vibration of hydraulic oil circuit first starts with the selection of pipeline materials, and chooses hose as the raw material of the pipeline, and the hose can effectively reduce the occurrence of resonance. For equipment with a long pipeline, choose a pipeline where the steel pipe and hose are connected, that is, a part of the steel pipe and a part of the hose. Secondly, select a support or pipe clamp with elasticity for the fixing of the pipeline to reduce or absorb vibration. Finally, damping materials can be used or by appropriately increasing the diameter of the pipe to reduce the flow rate of the liquid, thereby reducing the impact of vibration.

4, the use of sound insulation equipment to reduce noise radiation

In strict occasions or when the noise is difficult to reduce, sound insulation equipment can be used to isolate the structural part of the noise to prevent the spread of noise, high-quality anti-noise equipment is equipped with sound-absorbing materials, which can absorb the noise radiated by the vibration device, and also play the role of sound insulation.

5, reduce the noise of the mechanical transmission part of the hydraulic equipment

Most of the hydraulic equipment is controlled by electrical equipment, through hydraulic energy transfer, and then through the mechanical device for power output, any hydraulic equipment can not be completely separated from the mechanical transmission, the hydraulic part is closely connected with the mechanical part, a large part of the noise of the equipment comes from the mechanical transmission part, so the noise should be analyzed. For the mechanical transmission part of the noise can not be ignored, to focus on control. Because we know that sound is generated by vibration, the noise and vibration of hydraulic equipment not only affect the environment, but also may cause the loosening of the pipeline connection, resulting in leakage, resulting in accidents. The vibration of some equipment can also affect the quality of the product.




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