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How to remove the servo hydraulic press cartridge valve cartridge

When the servo hydraulic press repairs the cartridge valve, it will encounter the disassembly problem of the cartridge: the disassembly tool must be prepared first, and the disassembly tool can be purchased or homemade. The tool for removing the insert is composed of an expansion sleeve, a support handle, a T-rod and an impact sleeve, etc. General machine repair workshops have such tools. The steps and methods of removing the insert of the servo hydraulic press are as follows:

1. The servo hydraulic press removes the cover plate or pilot valve of the cartridge valve.

2, remove the baffle, such as the baffle and valve sleeve into one of this process.

3. Remove the spring and carefully remove the spool.

4. Put the expansion sleeve of the disassembly tool into the valve sleeve hole, open the expansion sleeve, and take out the valve sleeve from the integrated block hole with the impact of the impact sleeve.

It should be noted that the servo hydraulic press must try to drain the oil in the integrated body before disassembly, and pay attention to the oil flow of the return pipe connected with the fuel tank due to the siphon phenomenon. , electrical appliances, assembly lines and other industries used by foreign-funded enterprises.



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