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What causes the motor heating failure of hydraulic press

The motor plays a very important role in the hydraulic press system. Why does the motor of the hydraulic press get hot and fail? What is the cause? Today we will understand the deliberate cause of the heating of the hydraulic press motor.


1. Analysis of the overload of the motor. Measure the normal electrical flow of the motor with a pliers meter in detail. If the current is relatively large when it is just started, and the current of the hydraulic system is too high when it does not start running, it means that the motor has a problem.

Two, check whether the bearing of the motor of the hydraulic system is stuck and the rotor is swept, because when there is such a failure, the operation and technical personnel can hear the sound under normal circumstances.

Three, the voltage fluctuation of the external grid becomes large, and it will be clear immediately after detection with a multimeter. It may be caused by the high resistance of hydraulic pump and the mismatch between motor and pump and the decrease of motor insulation and the installation after disassembly.



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