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How to judge the hydraulic press system failure

First of all, we can listen to the hydraulic pump and hydraulic system when the relief valve, sequence valve and other pressure control components are screaming, and there is the sound of impact, referring to the impact of the workbench cylinder is too large, whether the piston has the sound of hitting the bottom of the cylinder, and whether the reversing valve has the phenomenon of hitting the end cap.

The second is to understand the working state by touching the allowed moving parts with your hand.

1, touch vibration, touch the vibration of moving parts and pipelines by hand, if there is high-frequency vibration should check the cause.

2, feel the crawling line, when the workbench in the light load and low speed movement, touch the crawling phenomenon with the hand.

3. Touch the tightness of the stopper, micro-switch and fastening screw with your hand.

Under normal circumstances, there will be differences and feelings and differences, experienced technicians will solve the problem after repeated practice.

If prevent hydraulic press failure problems.

1, control hydraulic oil pollution to strengthen equipment maintenance, regularly test hydraulic oil. Change the oil money, to carefully clean the hydraulic system, many deep hole boring hydraulic system overhaul, the system has not changed the oil, which is also a hidden danger.

2, the control of heating and hydraulic shock in the overhaul found that the deep hole boring part of the seal is seriously aging, which is mainly caused by the heating of the system, the hydraulic oil temperature rise, can be in the clamping cylinder, so that the reversing valve stops in the middle position, the pump station stops the pump, not only saves electricity, but also can make the oil temperature in the pump station quickly cool to normal temperature.

Due to the reasons of stopping the pump, changing the workpiece, etc., the system is affected more times, and the correct operation of the system is particularly important. When the clamping system fails, do not find out the cause, and quickly change the direction of the reversing valve, the result can only be the system stagnates after oscillation, the reason is that the hydraulic impact makes the relief valve too late to respond, which will make the system produce impact action. Repeated impact, due to high pressure and system heating, the seal is damaged, leakage increases, so the clamp is not tight. The correct method is to make the pump station air station a few times before clamping the cylinder, observe whether the system is abnormal, and then slowly manipulate the reversing valve to start clamping, which will extend the life of the system.

Jigsaw four-column hydraulic press

Jigsaw four-column hydraulic press



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