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How to use the hydraulic press correctly?

Hydraulic press is a common mechanical device used for processing and forming metal materials. The following is the correct use of the hydraulic press: Check before operation: Before using the hydraulic press, you should carefully check whether the machine is in normal operation, whether the various parts are firm, whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient, and whether the pressure meets the requirements. Safety operation: Wear safety equipment such as safety helmet and goggles during operation to ensure your own safety. Workpiece positioning: Place the workpiece to be machined on the workbench, and ensure the accurate positioning of the workpiece by adjusting the height and position of the workbench. Select the appropriate mold: according to the processing needs, select the appropriate mold, and ensure that the accuracy of the mold and the workpiece meet the requirements. Adjust the pressure: according to the processing needs and the hardness of the workpiece material and other factors, adjust the pressure of the hydraulic press to ensure the stability and efficiency of the processing process. Processing operation: Operate according to the operating steps of the hydraulic press, carry out processing steps such as pre-pressing and main pressure, and gradually increase the pressure until the required pressure is reached, and then stop the pressure. Safe shutdown: After the end of processing, the pressure should be stopped first, and then the power should be turned off, the machine should be clean, and the working area should be cleaned in time to ensure the safety of the machine and the working area. It should be noted that when operating the hydraulic press, it should be operated in accordance with the instructions for the use of the hydraulic press, and pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the machine to ensure the performance and life of the machine.

Single action four column hydraulic press

Single action four column hydraulic press



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